Since its first investment in Australia in 1996, ENGIE has become one of the nation’s leading independent power companies.

We own and operate approximately 2,000 MW (gross) of renewable (wind turbine), gas-fired and brown coal-fired generating plants in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Our retail business, Simply Energy, serves markets in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Queensland.

ENGIE is a global energy player and an expert operator in the business of electricity, natural gas and energy services. It develops its businesses on a model based on responsible growth to take on the major challenges of energy’s transition to a low carbon economy, access to sustainable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the rational use of resources.

The Group provides individuals, cities and businesses with highly efficient and innovative solutions, largely based on its expertise in four key sectors: renewable energy, energy efficiency, liquefied natural gas and digital technology.

ENGIE has a strong presence in its markets with 112.7 GW of installed power –production capacity – 22.5 GW of which is in renewable energy – and 5.2 GW of capacity under construction as at 31 December 2016.