ENGIE is a global energy player and an expert in the business of electricity, natural gas and energy services.

The Group supports changes in society that are based as much on economic growth as on social progress and the preservation of natural resources.


- No. 1 independent power producer (IPP) in the world
- No. 1 independent power producer (IPP) in the Persian Gulf countries, Brazil and Thailand
- No. 6 supplier in Europe 115.3 GW of installed power-production capacity
- 10.5 GW of capacity under construction
- 19 GW of installed power-production capacity in renewable energy (16.5% of the base)


- A supply portfolio of 1,296 TWh (120 bcm)
- No. 3 seller in Europe No. 1 distribution network in Europe
- No. 2 transport network in Europe
- No. 1 vendor of storage capacity in Europe
- 346 exploration and/or production licenses in 17 countries
- 759 mboe of proven and probable reserves


- No. 1 importer of LNG in Europe
- No. 3 LNG portfolio in the world
- No. 2 operator of LNG terminals in Europe
- A LNG supply portfolio of 245 TWh (16.4 mtpa) from 6 countries
- A fleet of 14 LNG tankers inc. two regasification vessels


- No. 1 supplier of energy efficiency in the world
- 230 district cooling and heating networks operated in 12 countries
- 140 millions m2 managed in the tertiary sector