Kwinana Cogeneration Plant

The Kwinana cogeneration plant is located 40km south of Perth, Western Australia.

The plant supplies steam and electrical power directly to the BP Australia Kwinana Oil Refinery and electricity only to the State-owned utility, Synergy.

The Kwinana plant is jointly owned by ENGIE and Mitsui & Co., Ltd, and Ratch Australia. The partnership trades as the Perth Power Partnership, with ENGIE and Mitsui & Co., Ltd owning 70 per cent and Ratch Australia owning 30 per cent.

The plant was commissioned in December 1996 and produces 122 MW of electricity. It employs 20 people.

Kwinana is primarily fuelled by the natural gas from Western Australia’s gas fields,north of Perth. The gas is delivered to the plant by the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas pipeline.

As a cogeneration plant, Kwinana supplies both steam and electrical power. Steam production from the plant is supported by burning refinery fuel gas from the BP Refinery. Waste heat from the gas turbine exhausts is used to drive a steam turbine,further enhancing the efficiency of the plant.