Electricity Quiz


Who invented the light bulb?

Who unknowingly discovered static electricity?

What does MW stand for in electrical terms?

What did Benjamin Franklin fly during his very dangerous experiment in a storm?

How is coal formed?

What is cogeneration?

What is the main difference between brown coal and black coal?

What machine is used to dig the coal in the mine?

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Answers 1.Thomas Edison 2.The Ancient Greeks 3.Mega Watt 4.A Kite 5.Coal is formed by the decomposition of land plants’ that have accumulated in swampy or low-lying areas 6.The simultaneous generation of heat and electricity, typically where the need for both arises for industrial or commercial purposes 7.The main difference between brown and black coal is, black coal has been buried for a longer time by a thicker material. This means that the coal has been squeezed more and has had a lot more of its moisture removed from it. 8.A Dredger.