VIDEO - Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project - Dust Suppression - August 2018

VIDEO - Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project - Chimneys - June 2018

VIDEO - Hazelwood Power Station Decommissioning - Milestone Achieved - May 2018

VIDEO - Hazelwood Mine Rehabilitation - April 2018

The rehabilitation of Hazelwood is a first for this community. The mine boasts a perimeter boundary of 16 kilometres, a 100 metre average coal seam depth, with some 772 million tonnes of coal mined.

Members of our rehabilitation team explain the part they play in the Project and outline activities in which they have a key role. See video directly below.

VIDEO - Hazelwood Rehabilitated Mine - 3D Animation

The Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project is committed to achieve a rehabilitation goal that is aimed to provide a technically and practically feasible, Safe, Stable and Sustainable landscape that reflects community aspirations and the practicalities of Mine rehabilitation. Hazelwood’s end of life plan is for the Mine to be a large lake, surrounded by gently sloping revegetated batters.

Take a tour of a 3D animation of how the Mine might look by watching the video below.

VIDEO - Willogoleche Wind Farm February 2018


VIDEO - Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project - Fire Preparedness Summer 2017-2018

VIDEO - Join the Conversation - September 2017

Hazelwood Decommissioning - March - May 2017

Hazelwood Chimneys - May 2017

Life of Hazelwood

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