Bright ideas from students

01 May 2018

The new Gippsland Tech School officially opened on 26 April but students have already started classes with the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project a topic for discussion.

Students have been coming up with their own ideas about how the Mine should look after rehabilitation. Some used Lego to create a model of a lake, surrounded by recreational features and a hotel.

Another work in progress suggested a lake surrounded by a skateboard park and a rally car track. There was even a design for a hydro power plant on the site.

The students and teacher Ian Anderson had also listed some interesting facts about the Mine on a wall. For instance, do you know how many tennis balls would fit into the open cut? Exactly 4,698,410,000,000 – that’s enough to supply the Australian Open for more than 100 million years.

Do you know how many cans of Coke it would take to fill the open cut? Answer: 1,973,330,000,000 cans – that’s almost two trillion cans of coke which would take the entire world 1644 years to drink.

And just in case you were wondering how many elephants would fit into the open cut, the answer is 123,333,000 elephants – that’s with no gaps between them.