Carbon Capture and Storage plant at Hazelwood

21 Feb 2012

IPR-GDF SUEZ Aust Media statement - CCS plantx

A Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) pilot plant at International Power-GDF SUEZ’s Hazelwood plant represented a significant milestone in the quest to successfully demonstrate low-emission technology applications in existing coal-fired power stations.

The project, launched in July 2009, had provided an opportunity to trial technology which in turn would help inform the economics of future scaled-up plants.

IPR-GDF SUEZ Australia has had the support and cooperation of project partners, CO2CRC and The Process Group, to deliver the Hazelwood CCS project, one of the biggest of its type in the world.

We also acknowledge and commend the support of federal and state Governments to encourage and incentivise the development of initiatives to improve thermal efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in the power industry.

Carbon Capture and Storage plant at Hazelwood