Community Information Meeting

17 Nov 2018

Wednesday night, ENGIE Hazelwood held a successful information sharing meeting which saw over 50 attendees. The session provided an update on the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project, which focused on the topics of fire preparedness and the future of the Hazelwood Cooling Pond.

To learn more about what was presented on the evening, and to view the video presentations that were screened please see below.
Community Information Presentation - Novemebr 2018 Hazelwood - Community Consultation Update - November 2018Hazelwood - Demolition - November 2018Hazelwood - Asbestos Removal - November 2018Hazelwood - Mine Rehabilitation - November 2018Hazelwood - Fire Preparedness - November 2018Hazelwood - Pondage - Novemeber 2018
VIDEO - Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project - Cooling Pond - November 2018

VIDEO - Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project - Fire Preparedness - November 2018