Community Update

19 Mar 2018

Last week ENGIE Hazelwood commenced what will be the first of a series of consultation and information sharing sessions for 2018. Over 60 attendees were provided with an update on the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project.

A follow up to the broader community will feature in Thursday’s Latrobe Valley Express, by way of an Open Letter to the Community.

To read the letter, and find out more about what has been happening onsite see below.

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VIDEO - Hazelwood Rehabilitated Mine - 3D Animation

The Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project is committed to achieve a rehabilitation goal that is aimed to provide a technically and practically feasible, Safe, Stable and Sustainable landscape that reflects community aspirations and the practicalities of Mine rehabilitation. Hazelwood’s end of life plan is for the Mine to be a large lake, surrounded by gently sloping revegetated batters.

Take a tour of a 3D animation of how the Mine might look by watching the video below.