Ground movement event

28 Feb 2011

community update 28 02 11

The purpose of this community update is to provide the community with information in relation to our operational response to a land movement event in a non-operational area of Hazelwood mine.

International Power is continuing its comprehensive land monitoring program on the northern boundary of Hazelwood mine. An area of this disused section of Hazelwood mine, the Morwell Main Drain and the Princes Freeway was subject to ground movement following heavy rainfall in early February.

The Morwell Main Drain, which runs just inside the mine's northern boundary adjacent to the south side of Morwell township and sections of the Princes Freeway also experienced ground movement after this rainfall and monitoring equipment has been in place to determine the extent of any subsequent land movement.

Consequently the Princes Freeway has been closed by Victoria Police for a minimum period of three months as a precaution and in line with their responsibility for community safety.

Further monitoring and analysis by the Dept of Primary Industries (DPI) and VicRoads revealed some additional minor movement following another significant rain event on 19th and 20th February. As a result, International Power is cooperating on a program of mitigation works with the mine regulator, DPI, to sink relief wells to drain ground water and to conduct additional monitoring in the vicinity of the mine’s northern boundary. This work is underway and our intention is to be proactive in relation to the additional monitoring and drainage work required as part of a multi-agency solution to the current circumstances.

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Ground Movement Event