Hazelwood restructure

19 Apr 2012

IPR-GDF SUEZ Aust Media statement Hazelwood restructure FINAL

As part of an organisation restructure at International Power-GDF SUEZ’s Hazelwood plant designed to improve competitiveness in the National Electricity Market, the company today has opened a voluntary departure program.

IPR-GDF SUEZ Hazelwood Chief Executive Officer, Mr Luc Dietvorst, said the restructure was designed to increase accountability and reduce costs at all levels of the business to help ensure Hazelwood could continue to provide up to 25 per cent of Victoria’s power supplies.

“Improving Hazelwood’s efficiency has been a long-term program and has been communicated directly to the staff and contractors,” Mr Dietvorst said.

 As a result of the restructure, a number of positions will no longer be required. The voluntary departure program has been introduced to help support the reduction in the number of positions. In addition, a package of support measures will be available for people impacted by the organisation changes.

Mr Dietvorst said IPR-GDF SUEZ Hazelwood has rejected totally union claims that the reduction in positions at Hazelwood is linked in any way to the company’s participation in the Federal Government’s Contract for Closure (CFC) process.

“The cost reduction program has been under way for the past 12 months and has absolutely nothing to do with CFC. These organisation changes are designed purely and simply to improve Hazelwood’s competitiveness,” Mr Dietvorst said.

Hazelwood restructure