Q. What is ENGIE Community Partnerships Program?

A. ENGIE Community Partnerships Program is financial assistance that will enable successful recipients to make a positive and sustainable contribution to their local community.

Q. How do I apply?

A. All Victorian (Latrobe Valley) funding applications must be made using our online system located on the ENGIE website (www.engie.com.au) under the CSR Community section. No hard copy submissions will be accepted.

Q. How much can I apply for?

A. You can apply for a grant for any amount above $1,000. There is no upper limit.

Q. When will funding to successful applicants be provided?

A. In the majority of cases the 2016 round of funding will be distributed before the end of March 2016.

Q. What projects will be supported?

A. Funding is available for a range of projects or initiatives, with emphasis being placed upon:
•  The Environment;
•  Education;
•  Community support; and
•  Youth development initiatives.

Q. Is there anything that won’t be supported?

A. Yes, funding is not available under the following circumstances:
•  Establishment of a business or commercial enterprise.
•  Research activities or feasibility studies.
•  Production of communication material that will be distributed for profit.
•  To political organisations or groups with a political agenda.
•  Advertising in journals or manuals.
•  Where they may prejudice the Company’s image.
•  Where the request is made through a third party organiser or other body where costs are offset against the funding received.
•  Where the organisation has a discriminatory political or religious recruiting agenda or intentions, (for example, such as door knocking to gain converts, or recruits to a cause).

Q. Will I need to submit an acquittal report?

A. Yes. Any project that is funded will need to provide a report, either ongoing or at the end of the funding period that outlines the success (and/or lessons learnt) of the activity or project.