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Help reduce your energy bill with energy efficient appliances.

Switching to energy efficient electric household appliances could help drive down the cost of your energy bill. Our installation partner Solarhub, can help Victorian ENGIE customers electrify their household today.

What are the benefits of switching to electric appliances?

  • Help reduce the cost of your energy bill, as new electric appliances can be more efficient than gas appliances. 
  • A recent report from the Climate Council of Australia shows that the average Melbourne household can save up to $1,301 per year by shifting from gas to electrical appliances.
  • Helping our ambition to be net zero by 2045.
  • ENGIE's weekly Tracker email can help you manage your energy usage and budget.

Which household appliances can I switch to electric?

Our installation partner, Solarhub, can help Victorian ENGIE customers by installing a range of energy efficient electric appliances, including:

Induction Cooktop

Hot Water Heat Pump

Heating and Cooling System

EV Chargers

Pool Heat Pump

Plus, there are a range of government rebates which could help offset the cost of your new electric appliance. To see if you're eligible, visit:

Household appliance rebates:
Solar & hot water rebates:

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How does it work?


Register your details in the online form above. 


Our installation partner Solarhub will call you within five days. They can help you decide what the best electric appliances are for your home.


Solarhub will work with you to schedule in a convenient time for you to install your new electric appliances.


There’s nothing left to do but start enjoying the benefits! 

Who is SolarHub?

A local business you can depend on SolarHub was founded back in 2010 and from day one, it was important for us to build a sustainable brand that would support customers during the long lifespan of a solar and battery system. 14 years is a long time in this industry, and we have seen a lot of solar retailers come and disappear during this period. You can look around, but it is hard to find a solar business with such a long history. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider before purchasing new electric appliances?

  • Identify Appliances: Start by identifying which appliances in your home currently use natural gas. Note which ones are reaching the end of their life.
  • Budget and Planning: Set a budget for replacing these appliances with electric alternatives. Plan for when they'll likely need replacement.
  • Connect and Installation: Once you're ready, submit your details using the form above and the team from Solarhub will call to talk through the right solution for you.

Are their government rebates available?

To view the current government rebates available, visit: 
Household appliance rebates:
Solar & hot water rebates:

Are only Victorian ENGIE customers eligible to electrify their household appliances through ENGIE and Solarhub?

Yes, currently only Victorian ENGIE customers are eligible, but we are looking to expand this program in the future.

How much will it cost to switch to electric household appliances?

The cost may vary depending on the appliances you choose to purchase. The Solarhub team can provide you an obligation free quote.

How much will cost me to cancel my gas connection?

For information regarding disconnection fees, visit