Zero. It may sound like nothing to you, but to us at ENGIE, zero is exhilarating.

ENGIE's ambition is to be net-zero by 2045 and we want to get there fast.

Zero. It’s the most important number in our lifetime. That’s why for ENGIE, zero is everything™.

Simply For Good by ENGIE

There’s simply no better way to support Australia’s renewable energy future than with the Simply for Good by ENGIE plan. 

100% of the electricity you use will be matched with approved GreenPower from accredited renewable electricity producers. It’s do good and feel good. 

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Hazelwood Battery

Situated at the former Hazelwood Power Station in the Latrobe Valley, the Hazelwood Battery forms part of ENGIE’s commitment to repurposing the site, which ENGIE has been rehabilitating since 2017. The battery’s innovative design and the site’s unique location provides the flexibility to scale up storage capacity quickly and cost-effectively in order to respond to network and market demand. 

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Green Mobility

ENGIE is part of the future of electric vehicle charging and hydrogen refuelling in Australia powered by green energy. ENGIE plans to roll out its first tranche of more than 100 new electric vehicle fast charging stations in Australia as it supports mass vehicle adoption. 

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Sustainable sites

We no longer operate coal-fired power stations in Australia.

Renewable resources

The Willogoleche Wind Farm has 32 turbines with a combined generation capacity of 119MW, giving Willogoleche the capability of powering 80,000 homes.


Our ambition is to be net zero by 2045 and that's why for ENGIE, zero is everything™.

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Simply Energy delivers simple, affordable energy solutions to residential, home and small-medium sized business customers Australia-wide.

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