ENGIE Engage

ENGIE Engage has the power to help you change your business for the better

What is ENGIE Engage?

It’s how we’ll stay in touch and how you’ll keep up to date. We want to share information that helps you do a better job, and we want to hear from you too – what’s happening in your business, what are your pain points, what do you dream of doing better?

We’ve got a plan to get started, but it’s your input that will shape ENGIE Engage. Your feedback means we can give you information that’s useful to you.

It’ll be a place to learn about opportunities, and a collaborative space. It will provide the chance to interact with industry experts and participate in discussions that help you grow.

We’ll share stories relevant to your business. Tell us what issues you’re facing, and we’ll deliver targeted insights to help you.

It exists to help you make your business better.

Getting started

We’ll begin by introducing you to the many ways we can help you. There’ll be a series of emails sent to you that will build a solid foundation to the conversations we’re about to have.

Our foundation email series will explain the breadth of the ENGIE offer and the benefits a partnership with one of the world’s most progressive energy companies can bring.


You tell us what you’re interested in learning more about. By getting to know you, we can provide you with information that matters to you and your business. It’s the best way we can effectively deliver on our promise to provide real value.

ENGIE Engage Program

After the initial foundation emails, you’ll receive updates via your inbox that will include:

  • Information targeted to your interests
  • Insight into latest trends and industry developments
  • Examples of businesses who are improving sustainability
  • Demonstrations of solutions to the issues you face
  • Ideas on how you can reduce OPEX
  • Explanations of big ideas and opportunities for the future

In addition, there will be a wide variety of exclusive extras you will gain access to. These may include:


  • One Button Surveys – providing regular feedback in just one click
  • Exclusive Engage Insight Events – Bringing you face-to-face with ENGIE experts
  • Exclusive Global Forums – Share experiences and access global experts
  • Engage Concierge – A helper on call to respond to any queries you have