Hazelwood Fire Preparedness

Hazelwood is fire-prepared all year round but prior to summer, it moves to another level with a renewed focus on procedures, training and equipment. Although the risk of fire has significantly decreased since the site ceased operations, the fire preparedness activities remain just as extensive.


“Well prepared for fire season” details all of the actions that are undertaken by the team, including the 365 day coverage, employee and contractor training programs, patrols, daily inspections, grass slashing, establishment

and maintenance of fire breaks, and vegetation eradication. It also touches on the fire services infrastructure, alarms, on-site tankers and how conditions are monitored with weather stations, CFA district communications, portable thermal imaging cameras and permanently mounted infrared cameras.

”Fire preparedness activities” delves deeper into some of the activities, introducing ENGIE Hazelwood’s emergency services specialist, Steve Forbes and his team, as well as detailing the drills and training they undertake to be prepared for onsite emergencies and incidents. It describes a vegetation clearing project and showcases a site visit by community members who came to inspect the fire readiness.


General News, Hazelwood
Dec 12, 2018