Simply Energy Partners with Ausgrid on Community Battery Trial

Trialling new approaches, such as community batteries is vital in the energy transition and distribution networks, such as Ausgrid, have taken up this challenge, using their community batteries to help ease energy congestion within their network at three trial sites. 

By placing batteries in strategic locations, these storage systems help the network host more rooftop solar PV systems, avoiding the need for either costly infrastructure upgrades or restrictions on  customers connecting to the Ausgrid network.  

A key part of the trial is to test how the three Ausgrid batteries can be used to ‘value stack’ by offering unutilised battery system capacity to a market partner for use in wholesale and frequency control markets. 

As the market partner for the trial, Simply Energy aims to access additional value from the energy market by incorporating these community batteries into our Virtual Power Plant, which includes our customers’ home batteries.  This will provide Ausgrid with crucial insights into how community batteries could be used by market partners and the potential value that could be unlocked in future projects.    

“We are excited to be partnering with Ausgrid to explore the benefits of community batteries and their ability to provide valuable network services as well as generate returns through energy and ancillary services markets” says Ryan Wavish, General Manager of Simply Energy Solutions. “These assets will form an important part of our growing Virtual Power Plant fleet”. 

Learn more in the full media release from Ausgrid 

Nov 30, 2022