Business Survey Shows Support for Hills of Gold Wind Farm

A new survey has shown more than 60 per cent of local business owners in Nundle and Hanging Rock are supportive of ENGIE’s proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm. 

The survey, which was conducted by ENGIE’s Community Engagement Team in August, was undertaken to gauge business owner sentiment, as well as gain feedback on a number of proposed traffic management strategies. 

ENGIE’s General Manager, Asset Development, Andrew Kerley says 55 local business owners took part. 
“This survey was sent directly to business owners within Nundle and Hanging Rock, but we also received responses from business owners in Timor, Crawney and other areas.” 

“We gained some really interesting feedback from the responses and I thank all of those community members who took part.” 

Mr Kerley says the survey shows there are many business owners in the community who want the project to go ahead. 

“The results show 67 per cent of businesses that have a shopfront in Nundle or Hanging Rock with a registered ABN, are supportive of the project,” Mr Kerley said. 

“Of those that support the project, more than 90 per cent believe the Hills of Gold Wind Farm will bring economic benefits to their business, with majority citing increased revenue and increased customers as the biggest benefits.”

The survey also detailed five new traffic management strategies proposed by ENGIE in its Response to Public Submissions. 

A number of key changes made to the project’s Traffic Management Plan will see a 38 per cent reduction in daily project traffic movements through Nundle during the construction period. 

Traffic studies show there will be 310 project vehicle movements per day through Nundle, during peak construction, compared to the existing 845 vehicle movements, currently passing through the town.

ENGIE’s proposed traffic management strategies include a dedicated transport route through Oakenville Street and onto Barry Road, an additional pedestrian crossing in Nundle, laybys for oversize and overmass vehicles on Morrisons Gap and Lindsays Gap Road, parking restrictions in Nundle for project vehicles and a temporary car park in Nundle for project vehicles to access shops and services. 

“Of the 55 respondents, 49 per cent said the dedicated transport route through Oakenville Street is the best proposed traffic management strategy,” Mr Kerley said. 

“While laybys for oversize vehicles and a temporary car park in Nundle for project vehicles were also deemed beneficial strategies by survey respondents.” 

The results of the survey will help ENGIE finalise its Response to Public Submissions, which will be lodged by the end of the month.

General News
Oct 14, 2021