Hills of Gold Wind Farm - Community Benefits

ENGIE acknowledges Tamworth Regional Council’s opposition to the proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm near Nundle.

ENGIE Development Manager, Meredith Anderson said the decision was disappointing, particularly as Council had refused multiple offers to tour the site with the ENGIE team to gain an understanding of important technical details and design changes made following feedback from the local community.

In a letter to the Department of Planning and Environment, which is assessing the Development Application for the wind farm, Council admits to having limited resources to assess the merits of the project closely.

“Since ENGIE purchased the project in 2020, we have attempted to work with Council staff and Councillors to understand and address their concerns,” says Ms Anderson.

“Council contends the proposed site is the wrong location. However, leading turbine suppliers and road construction companies have been on site as recently as this month and agree it is a good place for a wind farm.

“We understand that there is opposition, but there are many within the local community who are in favour of it proceeding for the economic and social benefits it will provide.

“During construction there will be 211 direct jobs and a further 404 indirect jobs, and we already have more than 20 local businesses who have registered their interest for this work. Once operational, the wind farm will provide 16 local jobs.”

The Hills of Gold Wind Farm is currently being assessed by the Department of Environment and Planning, with a recommendation to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC), expected in the coming months.
If approved, the wind farm will generate enough renewable energy to power around 182,000 average Australian homes and reduce annual carbon emissions by 608,000 tonnes.

Representatives from ENGIE and Someva will be conducting another round of community information sessions in June and encourage all members of the community to attend. For more information, visit www.hillsofgoldenergy.com/community.

Hills of Gold
May 24, 2022