Major Changes for Hills of Gold Wind Farm, as ENGIE Submits Response to Submissions

The development footprint of ENGIE’s proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm near Nundle is set to be reduced by more than 200ha, with the proponents lodging its Response to Public Submissions to the NSW Government this week.

The document addresses matters raised during the public exhibition period, where more than 600 submissions were lodged by community members and local organisations.

ENGIE’s General Manager, Asset Development, Andrew Kerley says a 41 per cent reduction in the development footprint is one of many changes made to the proposed project.

“We have undertaken a significant amount of additional site investigations and geotechnical work and as a result, five wind turbines will be removed, reducing the number to 65,” he said.

“This will contribute to a 36 per cent reduction in impacts to native vegetation, as well as a 29 per cent reduction in impacts to koala habitat.”

The reduction in development footprint and turbine numbers also ensures no significant impacts to cave-dwelling microbats and any sensitive soil types are completely avoided.

Hills of Gold
Jan 12, 2022