Hills of Gold

Once constructed, the Hills of Gold Wind Farm will provide renewable energy to power 182,000 average Australian homes

About Hills of Gold

ENGIE is seeking planning approval to construct the Hills of Gold Wind Farm, which is located about 5km south of Hanging Rock and 8km south-east of Nundle in New South Wales.
The project will involve the construction, commissioning and operation of a wind farm with up to 65 wind turbine generators and associated ancillary infrastructure to support a generating capacity of up to 420 megawatts.
Once constructed, the Hills of Gold Wind Farm will supply up to 1,000 gigawatt hours per annum, the equivalent energy to power 185,000 average Australian homes.

Key Highlights of the Project

  • Construction of the Project is expected to start in early 2022
  • Over 215 direct jobs and about 430 indirect jobs expected during the construction phase
  • About 30 permanent jobs and 50 indirect jobs when operational, including the opportunity to develop new skills in the region within the growing renewable energy industry
  • Up to 65 wind turbines, each with a generating capacity of up to 6MW per unit
  • Hills of Gold Community Enhancement Fund to be established, with a commitment of $3,000 per turbine per year installed and operating, expected over a period of at least 25 years.

Planning and Approvals

New South Wales has a robust and thorough planning assessment process that requires extensive environmental assessment, design and community consultation to finalise an application that is acceptable for approval. This process has been designed for the protection of the local community and ecological environment.


Our responsibility to the community is to ensure there is transparency regarding the status and assessment of the project and that there are continuous opportunities for concerns to be raised. We will be actiely engaging local community members to provide input and feedback based on information shared within community meetings or through our website.

Wind as an energy source is free, plentiful, sustainable and renewable. All over the world, wind turbines capture power from the wind and convert it into electricity.

The Global Wind Energy Council has reported that wind energy could make up 20 percent of worldwide electricity production by 2030. Today, it’s at 4 percent. This production could create 2.4 million new jobs and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 3.3 billion tons per year.

ENGIE is leading the transition to a zero-carbon economy, in part, by investing in wind farms in Australia and all around the world.

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Location: 5km South of Hanging Rock and 8km South-east of Nundle
Maximum Capacity: 420 MW


  • 65 turbines
  • 420MW of electricity generation
  • Powering 185,000 homes
  • Generating capacity of up to 6MW per turbine
  • Hills of Gold Community Enhancement Fund of $3,000 per turbine p/a
  • 30 permanent jobs when operational

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