Partnering with Government to build better communities today and a positive legacy for tomorrow

ENGIE is a global business that has been driving innovation for more than 180 years and is a committed investor in the development of new energy solutions.

We are at the forefront of energy and building intelligence technology, employing thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand and offering consumers, business and government a full range of energy, energy efficiency and multi-technical solutions.

We work with all spheres of government to provide high quality, reliable, sustainable solutions for Government departments and operations. It is critical that Government leads by example in the energy transition and we offer Government a wide range of solutions to enable just that.

ENGIE is committed to environmental responsibility. We have transitioned to low-carbon energy throughout the world and have established our credentials in the area of new energy. In Australia, we’ve divested our brown coal generating facilities as we embark on a strategy of low carbon energy production. Today, we are exploring and pioneering the development of the full potential of hydrogen. In Queensland, ENGIE has partnered with the Springfield City Group to create a city that will produce more energy than it consumes.

The development of new energy solutions is underpinned by ENGIE’s commitment to building better communities through the creation of jobs and the provision of local economic stimulus.

Together with Government, ENGIE is dedicated to building strong outcomes for communities and leaving a positive legacy for all.

ENGIE’s retail energy provider, Simply Energy, to help deliver new sustainable hot water trial in South Australia.

Simply Energy will be the lead retail energy provider taking part in the trial and will offer customers incentives to join the scheme.

ENGIE to power Flinders University transition to 100% renewable energy

Flinders University will power all of its South Australian campuses and facilities with 100% renewable energy sources from 2021 through an innovative new electricity supply agreement with ENGIE.

ENGIE supports NAB’s renewable energy commitments

National Australia Bank (NAB) has signed a renewable energy supply agreement with ENGIE, which will see the banking group buy 150,000 Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) from ENGIE.

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