Leading the transition to renewable energy

The energy landscape is changing and ENGIE is already implementing strategies in the key areas of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. In the past, change was driven by governments and policy, but today ENGIE is leading an industry shift – the change is coming from within.

The transition to producing energy from renewable sources is well under way at ENGIE. In Australia, we’ve divested all our coal power plants. Globally, 89% of our energy generation output comes from low-carbon sources, and 27% of electricity generation is from entirely renewable sources such as wind and solar.

We’re working with businesses across Australia and New Zealand to create long-term partnerships that help them use energy more efficiently, reduces cost and leads to better environmental outcomes.


ENGIE and Yara

ENGIE and Yara are joining forces in Australia to prove that the time to apply green hydrogen technology to industry is now.

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ENGIE Services Springfield

ENGIE and Springfield City Group, the master planner behind the emerging city of Greater Springfield, in Queensland Australia, today signed a historic 50-year strategic alliance to make Greater Springfield a net zero energy city.

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