Energy Management

Energy Management and Guaranteed Performance Contracts

We deliver real savings and outcomes for the energy management of your infrastructure. Best of all – we support our work with firm guarantees. Our experts analyse your energy assets to determine where long-term savings and improvements can be achieved. ENGIE’s engineers add tangible asset value to your operation through improved building performance ratings (i.e. NABERS).

Our project identification and auditing process is supported by international monitoring and verification protocols (IMVP), onsite real-time monitoring and data logging. These methods enable ENGIE to deliver the operational improvements you expect – backed-up by contract guarantees.

Our solutions integrate your technical, operational and capital constraints. Where requested, we will self-finance projects, including new installations and refurbishments. This allows you to outsource the upfront capital costs and operational risk whilst enjoying the savings and reliable service supported by our guarantees.

We are not constrained by technology or equipment suppliers. Our engineers work with you to implement best in class solutions.

As a global energy management services provider, we help you reduce your energy costs and minimise your environmental impact.

We are a panel member to NSW, VIC and SA Government accredited panel of energy services companies (ESCO).