Dredger fell success at Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project

The first of the dredger demolition works carried out today at the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project proved a success.

Dredger 11 came down a little after 10am with the key objectives of the demolition realised. The main outcome, a safe and successful fell, was achieved with Dredger 11 on the ground.

All of the blast cutting charges were fully expended with no misfires. A thermal imaging sweep conducted by drone after the controlled collapse showed no issues with hot spots. The immediate geotechnical surveys also showed no issues and batter stability throughout the mine was not compromised.

Post-blast monitoring will continue for a further 24 hours to ensure the overall area has not been impacted for batter stability.

The focus now switches to Dredgers 9 and 10, which will be demolished by the same process on October 20 and 27 respectively. Dredger 25 is planned for December.

All dredgers once demolished will be processed and the material recycled.