ENGIE Australia & New Zealand Acquires West Australian Mechanical Services

ENGIE Australia & New Zealand today announced its acquisition of West Australian Mechanical Services (WAMS), a specialist commercial and industrial air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation business, which will contribute to growing ENGIE’s Australian footprint and reinforce its market position with local and multinational companies operating in Western Australia.

The purchase complements ENGIE’s strategic direction of providing multi-technical services, projects and solutions that create healthy, safe and efficient environments and is well positioned for growth within the ENGIE portfolio, particularly in increasing the company’s installation capabilities.

With offices in Perth and Bunbury, WAMS has established a reputation for excellence, having built strong relationships with an extensive number of local and multinational clients since its commenced operations in 2004.

ENGIE Services Chief Executive Officer, Ms Corinne Ong said: “This is another positive step for ENGIE as we continue to seek growth opportunities in Australia and New Zealand, while leveraging the ENGIE’s global presence and expertise to meet the needs of our customers. WAMS has an outstanding reputation for quality and delivery in its markets, and will benefit from drawing on ENGIE’s extensive expertise, both through our Australian and New Zealand business and the Group’s global platform.”

WAMS Founder Roger Collins said: “With ENGIE as a global player, there is potential to leverage their expertise, network, systems and processes in the West Australian market to achieve greater efficiencies, resources and economies of scale. Becoming part of ENGIE will allow us to strengthen our reputation by delivering world-leading services which will benefit both our employees and customers.”

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