Springfield Tower’s Solar Rooftop System

Our ENGIE Better Cities team have delivered the first solar rooftop system on the Springfield Tower in Greater Springfield, as part of our 50-year Strategic Alliance.
The Brief
The brief was to deliver Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services, as well as structural assessment, grid connection management and monitoring of rooftop system. The project is the first solar panel installation to be completed by ENGIE as part of Greater Springfield’s plan to become a net-zero energy city.

Springfield Tower’s Solar Rooftop System
Springfield Tower’s Solar Rooftop System
The Solution
The team delivered a 63.6kWp system including 187 340w LG Neon2 high efficiency solar panels, covering an area of approximately 320m2. The panels will provide more than 9% of the building’s electricity consumption, and it’s estimated that pay back will be achieved in 7 years. This complex installation saw our Better Cities team innovate to offer not only the best, but the safest and most flexible system available. The Springfield Tower stands at 10 stories high, and is subject to high winds, meaning special care had to be taken to ensure the structural integrity of the roof would not be compromised. This resulted in a reduction of roof area that could be used for solar panels. Armed with this knowledge, our Better Cities team proposed an alternative design using very-high efficiency LG panels to maximise the capacity installed on the roof and provide the best possible solar output to support the building’s consumption.

The Benefits
The LG panels have a 25-year warranty on product and performance, which largely exceeds industry standards of 10 years, and were chosen by our Better Cities team to provide the quality of energy production required not only for the building itself, but for the greater success of the Strategic Springfield Alliance. Furthermore, the team engaged directly with other service providers to ensure the solar system would not compromise future activities and amenities on the roof space. This project is a great example of how the Better Cities team have balanced their knowledge and expertise to provide a customer focused solution. The Better Cities team are delighted that the first stage of renewable and sustainable energy generation at Greater Springfield has been established and look forward to delivering many more energy efficiency initiatives in 2020.

Springfield Tower’s Solar Rooftop System
63.6kWp system including 187 340w LG Neon2 high efficiency solar panels
Panels will provide more than 9% of the building’s electricity consumption
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