Willogoleche Wind Farm


Willogoleche Power Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of ENGIE in Australia, has started construction of a 119MW wind farm located on Willogoleche Hill, about 160 kilometres north of Adelaide and about 5km from the town of Hallett.

The closest turbine will be about 3.2km west of Hallett, with the furthest turbine 8.3km to the south west. The majority of turbines will be about 5km from the township.

The turbines will have a tip height of 150m above ground level, with a blade rotor diameter of 130m.The electrical capacity will be a mixture of 3.83MW (24 turbines) and 3.43MW (8 turbines).

Willogoleche Hill has an average wind speed of 8.6 metres per second and is located in one of the windiest areas in South Australia. It is surrounded by four neighbouring wind farms, including The Bluff (Hallett 5), Brown Hill and North Brown Hill (Hallett 1 and 4) and Hallett Hill.

Willogoleche Wind Farm will connect to the national electricity grid via underground cabling with a new ElectraNet substation under construction near the corner of Ashby Road and Willalo Road.

Construction of the turbines is scheduled to start by the end of 2017, with a completion date of mid-2018.

Once operational, Willogoleche Wind Farm will produce enough electricity to power 80,000 homes in South Australia.

The project is in line with ENGIE’s global commitment to renewable energy and provides further energy security for South Australia and the National Electricity Market.


In 2008, Willogoleche Power Pty Ltd purchased the development rights for the proposed Willogoleche project in South Australia from Wind Prospect Pty Ltd. A new development approval was granted in 2011, which raised the site capacity to 36 turbines with a tip height limit of 152m.

Between the original 26-turbine approval and the subsequent expansion to 36 turbines, some native grass communities, (most notably Lomandra multiflora, within the Iron-grass Natural Temperate Grassland of South Australia ecological community) became an Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) listed species, requiring more detailed studies and approvals for their removal and disturbance, and revegetation and management.

EPBC and Ministerial approvals were confirmed in January 2017.


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Most development approval requirements have been met, including flora and fauna studies, traffic management plans, pre-construction noise monitoring, television reception studies and electrical grid modelling (See documentation below).

EPBC - Construction and Operational Environmental Management Plan - COEMP - 11 January 2017EPBC - Offset Management Plan - OMP - 11 January 2017EPBC Variation Notice - 12 December 2016EPBC - Variation Approval Letter - 12 December 2016EPBC - Approval notice - 28 January 2014EPBC - Approval letter to proponent - 28 January 2014EPBC Offset Area Investigation - Spring Survey - EBS Ecology - September 2012

SA NVC - Amended Regulation Advice Notification - December 2016 SA NVC - Native Vegetation Clearance Report and Application for Exemption - November 2011SA NVC - Native Vegetation Clearance Permit approval letter - December 2005

DEVELOPMENT APPROVALFigure 1 Wind Farm Site MapFigure 2 Variation of Development Approval turbine locationsFigure 3 Expansion OverviewFigure 4 Grid and Site InfrastructureFigure 5 Native Vegetation.pdfFigure 7 Photomontage LocationsFigure 8a Original Layout Shadow Flicker MapFigure 8b Shadow Flicker Map of Expansion and Variation Development Application - Expanded Wind Farm Cover Letter 17 December 2010Environmental Statement Volume 1 (Executive summary)Environmental Statement Volume 2 Main Text December 2010 Environmental Statement Volume 3 Photomontages and WireframesEnvironmental Statement Volume 5 Appendices 1-17Environmental Statement Volume 5 Appendices 18-26.pdfExpanded Willogoleche WF Development Application 16 December 2010Noise analysis assessment map (Suzlon and Siemens options) November 2010Public Exhibition of 20 October 2010 - Willogoleche AdvertPublic Opinion Survey QuestionaireSonus Environmental Noise Assessment Oct 2010 (Suzlon or Siemens turbines) S2261-1C5Swanbury Penglase Willogoleche WF Visual Assessment Report February 2011

ElectraNet Willogoleche Connection Works S49A DA Sep 2009
Video - Truescape Timelapse Simulation - windfarm view from Hallett


Cultural Heritage Study - Grid Connection and Substation - Vivienne Wood Heritage Consultants Sep 2009 Cultural Heritage Surveys and Reports 2003_2007_2010

Willogoleche location within SA