Hazelwood Power Station chimneys successfully demolished 


A milestone for the Rehabilitation Project

The Latrobe Valley skyline was forever changed today with the successful demolition of the Hazelwood Power Station’s eight iconic 137m tall chimneys.

For ENGIE and the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project team, this represents the culmination of an enormous amount of pre work and planning, and is an important milestone toward delivering a safe, stable and sustainable site back to the community.

The chimney demolition is one of the major milestones in the rehabilitation and remediation of the former

Hazelwood Power Station and Mine. The demolition of the Power Station chimneys, along with the extensive rehabilitation and demolition works across the Mine and broader 4,000 hectare site, represents significant progress towards a safe, stable and sustainable end state.

If you have any specific questions relating to the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project please contact the team at [email protected].


General News, Hazelwood
May 25, 2020