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Welcome to ENGIE

Simply Energy has transformed. Now we are ENGIE, and to us, zero is everything! 

It's possible.

Our Renewables team invests in a mix of renewable energies, such as wind and solar, to generate sustainable power. We’re leveraging our global experience and ENGIE’s ambition to achieve net zero carbon by 2045

Our ambitions

ENGIE's ambition is to be a world leader in the zero-carbon transition, and we're developing a renewable energy portfolio in Australia. With a mix of energy solutions such as wind, solar, gas, hydrogen and batteries, we are well on our way to achieving our goal of net zero by 2045. That's why, to us, zero is everything. 

Carbon neutral energy plans

We offer carbon neutral energy plans that can help offset the environmental impact from the energy power use. Offsetting your energy is not an add-on. For every tonne of emissions you make, we purchase one tonne of emission offsets in the form of certificates certified by Climate Active. 

ENGIE values

We work hard to deliver simple, innovative solutions, such as carbon-neutral energy plans, to help our customers transition to a more sustainable future without compromising comfort, productivity or cost. 

Who is ENGIE?

Simply Energy has undergone a transition, and is now ENGIE. 

Operating in 31 countries across five continents, ENGIE has ambitions to lead the transition to a carbon neutral future. 

Frequently asked questions

What is ENGIE doing to achieve net zero emissions?

Globally, ENGIE is committed to decarbonisation, aiming to reach net zero by 2045. We aim to do this by reducing carbon emissions per kWh produced compared with benchmarks set in 2017, reducing emissions of products sold by at least 34%, and increasing the share of renewables in the energy mix.

Find out more in our Sustainability Report.

What infrastructure is ENGIE invested in?

In Australia, ENGIE is focusing on diversifying its generation capacity and investing in renewable energy for the future. We have two operational wind farms in South Australia, and many more in development.    

The Hazelwood Battery Energy Storage System forms part of ENGIE’s commitment to net zero by 2045. The battery’s innovative design and the site’s unique location provide the flexibility to scale up storage capacity quickly and cost-effectively to respond to network and market demand.  

When did ENGIE arrive in Australia?

ENGIE has been driving innovation globally for almost two decades. We’ve been in Australia since 1996 as investors in power assets and retail energy services.  

Today, ENGIE is involved in and operates renewable energy generation, battery storage systems, and EV charging infrastructure.