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Powering the future, together 

Our business units

Flexible generation and retail

  • We proudly serve over 700,000 electricity and gas customer accounts across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.
  • We generate 1000 megawatts (MW) of renewable and non-renewable energy to create greater grid stability in South Australia.
  • The Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project converted Australia's first retired coal-fired power station into a utility-scale battery capable of storing 150 MWh of energy - equivalent to an hour of energy generation from the rooftop solar systems of 30,000 homes. 


  • We are committed to developing large-scale renewable energy assets in wind, solar and battery storage. 

Energy Solutions

  • ENGIE is accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral economy through various energy-efficient projects, such as electric vehicle infrastructure. 

Global Energy Management & Sales (GEMS)

With over 20 years in global energy markets, GEMS offers risk management solutions, market access, asset management and optimisation, gas off-take, investment services, physical supply and logistics management, economic research, market analysis and M&A facilitation.

GEMS tailors solutions, such as PPAs, to the specific needs of corporate clients, with a strong focus on decarbonisation and decentralisation, matching our clients’ growing needs to lower their carbon footprint and source greener energy with those of renewable asset owners.