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Our generation activities

Natural Gas

We believe that natural gas ensures energy security and system stability. Natural gas is a versatile and abundant fuel mainly made of methane. It is found deep underground, often near oil or coal and plays a crucial role in the shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy production. Our gas-fired power stations are pivotal in Australia's transition from fossil fuels. 

Our Natural Gas Projects

Pelican Point Power Station

ENGIE developed and constructed South Australia's first private sector power station at Pelican Point in 1999, 20 kilometres from Adelaide's central business district. Pelican Point is a technologically advanced, and energy-efficient power station combining two gas turbines and a steam turbine capable of generating 479 MW of electricity.  

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Synergen Power

Since beginning operations at Pelican Point, ENGIE subsequently secured the long-term lease of Synergen Power, a peaking generator stationed across four locations throughout South Australia. Synergen Power comprises nine generating units, collectively producing 396 MW of electricity and plays a critical role in meeting peak demands for electricity across the NEM (National Electricity Market, especially during very high temperatures.  

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