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Our generation activities

Generating wind power

Wind power has become increasingly important in the shift towards renewable energy due to its abundant supply and relative predictability. Wind can effectively mitigate the loss of solar panel efficiency due to poor weather and create a more reliable, hybrid renewable energy system.  

Community engagement

At ENGIE, we are passionate about generating renewable energy, and we recognise that our projects need the help and support of local communities to succeed. We are firmly committed to engaging with the council and community members, creating jobs, engaging with the local Indigenous community and local suppliers, and supporting community initiatives. 

Our Wind Farms

Hills of Gold Wind Farm

The Hills of Gold Wind Farm in NSW will feature up to 65 wind turbines and associated infrastructure. Once constructed, the farm could generate up to 1,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) per annum, equivalent to powering 182,000 average Australian homes.

Willatook Wind Farm

The Willatook Wind Farm and battery storage facility is owned by Wind Prospect, located in south-western Victoria. The proposed project comprises up to 59 wind turbines generating a nominal capacity of 350 megawatt (MW), supplying more than 1,300 GWh of renewable energy per year and battery storage capacity of between 200 - 400 MWh.

Willogoleche Wind Farm

The Willogoleche Wind Farm is ideally located in one of the windiest areas in South Australia, with an average wind speed of 8.6 metres per second. The 32 turbines have a combined generation capacity of 119 MW, giving the wind farm the capability of powering 80,000 homes across the state.

Canunda Wind Farm

The Canunda Wind Farm is located near Millicent in South Australia. Due to very high wind yields, it generates electricity 34 per cent of the time.

The site contains 23 wind turbines that can generate power from wind speeds as little as 4m/sec. Canunda has the capability of generating up to 46 MW of electricity, which is equivalent to supplying 30,000 average homes.

The Plains Renewable Energy Park

The Plains Renewable Energy Park in NSW is the bold solution to Australia's power needs. With a proposed 201 wind turbines and 900,900 solar panels, the park will generate up to 1,900 megawatts of renewable energy - That's enough to power 1.17 million average households! The project may also include a 400 MW battery storage system.