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Our generation activities

Generating solar power

The sun is an abundant and inexhaustible energy source. Solar farms can generate large amounts of renewable energy, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, diversify our energy sources, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. 

Solar plays a crucial role in transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon energy system and building a reliable, long-term solution for our energy needs. 

Community engagement

At ENGIE, we are passionate about generating renewable energy, and we recognise that our projects need the help and support of local communities to succeed. We are firmly committed to engaging with the council and community members, creating jobs, engaging with the local Indigenous community and local suppliers, and supporting community initiatives. 

Our Solar Farms

Silverleaf Solar Farm

Once constructed, the Silverleaf Solar Farm, on 330 hectares of rural land in NSW, would have an approximate capacity of 120 megawatt (MW) and create up to 100 jobs during the peak of construction. The project has the potential for future development of a battery energy storage system.

Yass Solar Farm

The Yass Solar Energy Park is a proposed large-scale development in NSW. The project proposes up to 220,000 solar panels capable of generating 139 MW and a large-scale battery storage system, which could power up to 51,000 average households.

Warhook Solar Farm

The Western Downs Regional Council has granted development approval for the Warhook Solar Farm, which sits on roughly 1,200 hectares across three rural properties in Miles, Queensland. Once operational, the solar farm will have a capacity of 200 megawatts of renewable electricity.

The Plains Renewable Energy Park

The Plains Renewable Energy Park in NSW is a large-scale wind and solar project with a proposed 201 wind turbine generators and 900,900 solar panels. We anticipate the generating capacity of the farm to be up to 1,900 megawatts, the equivalent of powering up to 1.17 million average homes. The project may also include a 400 MW battery storage system.

Goorambat East Solar Farm

The proposed Goorambat East Solar Farm is a renewable energy development located about 12 kilometres north of Benalla and about 500 metres to the south of the Goorambat township in Victoria, on the land of the Yorta Yorta people.