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Community Engagement


At ENGIE, we’re dedicated to the renewable energy transition and understand that we need local support and engagement to achieve that. That’s why our engagement strategy is to have a transparent and open line of communication with the community, share knowledge and help create positive outcomes.

ENGIE actively engages with host landholders and communities to identify local considerations that help shape the project, programs and initiatives that genuinely benefit the local community.

ENGIE is a signatory of the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects; a set of commitments to engage respectfully with the communities in which we plan and operate projects, to be sensitive to environmental and cultural values and to make a positive contribution to the regions in which we operate. 

How can you get involved?

At ENGIE we recognise the value of open and transparent conversations with local community members. We invite all community members to get in touch and provide input on how we can best deliver our projects and initiatives to have a sustainable and positive impact on the local communities in which we operate.   

Benefits to local communities

ENGIE acknowledges that our renewable energy projects can change the local landscape and communities and this is why we are dedicated to sharing the benefits of our projects and creating positive social and economic outcomes for local communities.  

ENGIE is firmly committed to creating jobs for local people and engaging with Indigenous and local suppliers. Whether it's earthworks, infrastructure, building contractors, machinery operators, engineering, accommodation, administration, catering, freight and cleaners – several skills and suppliers are required, especially during a project's construction phase.  

In addition to employment opportunities, ENGIE considers a range of benefit sharing initiatives that are specifically designed to meet the needs of local residents, business owners and community groups. The benefits are aimed at supporting the whole community, whether it be through local procurement, suppliers and other businesses, opportunities for employment and development of skilled workers, funding for clubs and community groups, increased visitation and opportunities for tourism, or support for local activities and events. 

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To learn more about a specific project or have your say about a proposed development, please head to the relevant project page for more information, helpful links and resources.