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ENGIE uses innovative technology to provide simple, affordable energy solutions today and into the future.   

ENGIE at home

ENGIE is making the transition towards carbon neutrality easier and more affordable.

Carbon neutral energy plans

ENGIE offers carbon neutral energy plans, meaning we'll offset all the emissions generated by your energy usage. 

Our renewable generation projects

ENGIE is committed to developing an efficient power generation portfolio in Australia comprising renewable and non-renewable sources. We aim to generate over 3,000 MW of energy through solar, wind and industrial-grade batteries to help Australia achieve a more sustainable, affordable and dependable energy network. 

Wind Farms

Wind power is key to transitioning towards a sustainable energy economy, as it is an inexhaustible and dependable energy source. Additionally, combining wind power with solar energy can mitigate weather-related challenges and establish a more robust hybrid renewable energy system. 

Solar Farms

Solar farms are a sustainable, efficient, cost-effective means of addressing climate change.  

Battery Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) enable excess electricity to be stored during peak demand or low power generation periods bringing greater flexibility and dependability to the electricity grid. ENGIE’s goal is to reach a combined output of 10GW for all existing ENGIE battery facilities by 2030, and the Hazelwood Battery Storage System will go a long way to support that.