Hazelwood Battery Project Update

July 2022

The Hazelwood site groundwork preparation known as “benching” is complete and the foundation for the main switchyard is also complete. The main transformer was delivered to the site this week and placed onto foundations. It converts 33,000 volts into 220,000 volts and currently weighs over 100 tonnes. The next stages include installing all accessories, cooling systems, and header tank, and then filling it with transformer oil, altogether adding another approximate 30 tonnes to its weight. 

Main Transformer Arriving at Site
Main Transformer Arriving at Site



The foundations for the main battery-based energy storage system blocks are in progress and the concrete pour for the first foundations was completed this week. There are three battery “blocks” onsite, each rated at 50 MW.

Pouring Cube Foundations.png
Pouring Cube Foundations



The Fluence Cubes house large modules weighing 340kg each and include individual air conditioning systems to keep the surrounding air cool. Each completed Cube weighs over 8 tonnes. 

Cube waiting Installation.jpg
Cube waiting Installation



All 342 Fluence Cubes have arrived on site and were placed in the site storage laydown area along with 57 inverters and 114 CRT panels. Conduits and concrete culverts are being installed into the groundwork throughout the site to carry the cables between the equipment. Support structures are being erected in the high voltage switchyard and the main transmission line corridor is being mapped out in detail to begin foundations.

Fluence has set up some Cubes in the warehouse area ready for functionality tests and site assembly familiarisation. 

Switchyard Support Structures.png

Switchyard Support Structures

Jul 19, 2022