Springfield Hyundai’s 10-year energy agreement

The Brief

Accelerating the decarbonisation of industries and communities is ENGIE’s core mission and we achieve this through long-term partnerships with clients.

We’ve signed a new 10-year energy agreement with Springfield Hyundai to drive the transition to green energy consumption at the site and provide operational cost savings.

The agreement is another example of progress towards the Zero Net Energy Roadmap for Springfield, which aims to create the world’s greenest city by 2038.

The Solution

The agreement with Springfield Hyundai includes a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) and the installation of a 50.1 kWp rooftop solar system at the site to replace half of Springfield Hyundai’s annual electricity consumption.

ENGIE will also supply grid electricity to the site through its retail arm, Simply Energy.

In partnership with Springfield Hyundai, we’re supporting the acceleration of electric vehicle (EV) uptake through solar generation. We’re aiming to add load management, energy storage and EV charging solutions in the future.

The Benefit

We provide practical, cost-effective energy solutions to help customers in their carbon neutral journey. After the 10-year PPA term, total site energy costs are estimated to be 30% lower than the forecast grid-only electricity cost for the dealership. That’s a fantastic demonstration of the strength of the offer we bring when a total site’s energy requirements are delivered by ENGIE.

The agreement also has many layers of environmental benefits for Springfield Hyundai and Springfield City Group. By generating solar energy onsite, using renewable grid electricity, and supporting EV solutions, we’re helping Springfield Hyundai to contribute to Greater Springfield becoming a zero-net city by 2038.



What we did:

  • 50.1 kWp rooftop solar system replaces 50% annual electricity consumption
  • 30% reduction on energy costs after the 10-year term
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