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Hazelwood Rehabilitation


The Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project is located in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, near the town of Morwell. Rehabilitation and demolition activities to transition the site to lower carbon operations and to support new commercial and recreation uses began in 2017, following the closure of the former Hazelwood Mine and Power Station.

Demolition activities on the 4,000 ha Hazelwood site are expected to be complete by 2023. Rehabilitation activities and after care at the site may be ongoing for many years. For more detail on the demolition and rehabilitation activities visit

ENGIE are committed to the safety of the community and the onsite workforce throughout the rehabilitation project. We provide public access to live data from the extensive network of air quality monitors across Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project site via

The demolition and rehabilitation activities being undertaken will return the Hazelwood site to a safe, stable and sustainable condition and enable a range of potential new uses that might be delivered by Government, the local community and/ or the private sector.

A comprehensive Concept Masterplan has been developed by ENGIE, to articulate the potential opportunities for future investment at the rehabilitated Hazelwood site. The Concept Masterplan is an aspirational document which identifies possible new uses for the site that may contribute to the future of Morwell and the Latrobe Valley. 


Location: Latrobe Valley, Victoria



  • First project of its kind in Australia
  • Located in the LaTrobe Valley in Victoria, near the town of Morwell
  • 4,000 Ha site
  • Employs more than 400 people on average, with the majority living in the local area
  • Safe, stable and sustainable landform to be delivered back to community 

Concept Master Plan

What is the Concept Master Plan?

The closure of the Hazelwood Power Station and Mine (Hazelwood) site presents an unprecedented redevelopment opportunity that has the potential to reinvigorate the Latrobe Valley and the wider Gippsland Region. The Hazelwood Concept Master Plan has been developed to identify and present the potential opportunities and the future investment potential of the site that surrounds ENGIE’s intended final rehabilitated landform of a full 1,281 ha pit lake. It presents a land-use based vision for the future of Hazelwood that looks at how the site could be used by the community, businesses, investors and developers, service providers and government. The Concept Masterplan features three key zones for future development and activity:

  • Tourism Belt close to Morwell and adjacent to the Lake to provide a centre for tourism, recreation and small-scale agriculture.
  • Mine Lake will be the heart of Hazelwood.
  • Productivity Hub centred around the key adjacent asset of the switchyard. The hub can be home to a range of uses which take from, and feed into the Victorian energy grid.

The Concept Masterplan is an evidence-based approach to the future of the site that responds to detailed site constraints and potential economic opportunities.