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Low Carbon Living

Live a life less impactful. Here’s some tips, tricks and advice to help anyone reduce their C02 emissions through low carbon living.

So what is low carbon living?

It’s all about making simple, empowering choices that can better our daily lives and have the potential to save us money.

By making simple changes around the home you can reduce your use of electricity and gas from fossil fuels. For example, you can switch to renewable energy sources such as solar, and swap to energy saving appliances and light bulbs.

At ENGIE we’re passionate about the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, that’s why we offer our customers carbon neutral solutions to help them on their journey to reducing their carbon emissions.

What are the key benefits to low carbon living?

There are many benefits you may have considered in deciding to lower your carbon living. Here are some key benefits to your home, and the environment.

  • Can reduce pollution and improve air quality
  • Has the potential to lower your energy costs through solar
  • Potential to increase property value (through solar installation for tenants or future
  • Could reduce our Australian vulnerability to raw material costs

How can you find out your current impact?

To find out your level of current carbon emissions, you can use our handy Carbon Calculator.

Once you have gone through the steps with the Carbon Calculator, you will be given tips & tricks to lower your footprint, and a link to our tracker, which monitors and reports your energy usage via a weekly email.

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    Want to drive down the running costs of your EV?

    ENGIE has an energy plan specifically designed for EV owners, that can see you save money by charging your EV at night. Enjoy an off-peak discount applied to your overnight rates between 12am - 6am.

    You can also program your EV to take advantage of ENGIE’s off peak rates, to charge automatically when it’s off-peak. It’s set and forget.

    Plus, ENGIE is also rolling out EV stations across Australia, you may have even seen one at your local shopping centre.

    What’s a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)?

    Get ready to be sun smart. If you want to get more out of your solar, consider a Virtual Power Plant. This lets you store excess energy when your solar system generates more than you can use. You can also check our app and see what energy you’re accessing from your VPP, compared to energy you’re accessing from the grid. While the priority will always be your household having enough energy, wherever there’s excess, the VPP might share with your local community via the grid, while you benefit by ongoing credits.

    You can either sign up with an existing VPP, or let us connect you with our preferred installers and you’ll receive an $800 sign up credit. 

    Join ENGIE’s Behavioural Demand response program and you could receive a bill credit up to $110.

    During summer, the Australian energy grid can experience overwhelming demand which can lead to network reliability and energy supply constraints. To avoid this, ENGIE rewards customers that reduce their electricity and meet our reduction targets during these peak demand events. We’ll SMS invited eligible ENGIE customers 2-hours prior to an event so you can prepare to reduce your electricity consumption. There will be multiple events this summer, so more chances to earn!

    Our company’s ambitions to transition to a low carbon Australia.

    We’re leading by example. As a global brand with a global ambition to become net zero by 2045. And right here in Australia, we're building a future of batteries, solar and wind. 

    We're also supporting the transition away from coal, and making a new era through the commissioning of the Hazelwood Battery Energy Storage System - Australia's first retired coal-fired power station, which now hosts a fleet of BESS.

    And that’s just the start. When it comes to ENGIE’s own low carbon journey, there’s much more to come.