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Our values

We’re committed to creating positive change and achieving our mission  to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. 

Our commitment

Above all else, ENGIE is committed to caring for the planet. We’re aiming to set the standard for lower carbon generation, renewables and energy efficiency solutions in Australia - and we won’t stop there. 

Simple, sustainable solutions that meet our customers' needs

We get it - our goal of net zero by 2045 is ambitious. We also understand that our customers want to transition to zero-carbon at their own pace. That's why we work hard to deliver simple, innovative solutions, such as carbon-neutral energy plans, to help our customers transition to a more sustainable future. 

ENGIE Africa, Middle East and Asia (AMEA) Sustainability Report 2023.

The AMEA Sustainability Report conveys and discloses all aspects of our business on environment, sustainability and governance requirements. Putting the information together was a combined effort that took many individuals and teams from around the AMEA region, and we’d like to thank all involved.  

The full report and separate sustainability chapters are in the link below. 

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