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Simply Energy wins 2022 Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award!

We’re proud to have won for our Solar Sharing Scheme

3 MIN READ, BY Simply Energy

We’re proud to have won a 2022 Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award for our Solar Sharing Scheme in partnership with global manufacturing firm Hunter Douglas in NSW.

We first partnered with Hunter Douglas in 2020 to offer staff living in NSW a discount on their household electricity usage.

Upon joining Simply Energy, Hunter Douglas staff became eligible for a bonus discount when their electricity usage matched the excess solar production generated on the rooftop at the Hunter Douglas Rydalmere manufacturing factory on weekends and outside of manufacturing hours.

This renewable energy transfer was then settled on the staff members’ monthly bill using the blockchain-based Enosi Powertracer platform.  Find out more on how the Enosi Platform works, here.

The approach was just one of the simple and smart offers constructed by Simply Energy which enables even more Australians to play a role, and benefit from, the carbon neutral transition.

At the program launch, Peter Hughes, Director of Finance – Hunter Douglas said: “Simply Energy has provided the opportunity to share in my employer’s investment in solar energy, by allowing me to benefit from the excess energy generated from its solar panels by receiving energy at discounted prices”.

What are the Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Awards?

Canstar Blue’s Innovation Excellence Awards involve a sophisticated rating methodology, unique to Canstar, which compares submissions from Telecommunications and Energy institutions throughout Australia. The winners represent a selected group of innovative products which have all been reviewed, assessed, and deemed to be Award winners.

For more information on how the Innovation Excellence Awards are calculated, visit Canstar Blue here.

What did Canstar say about Simply Energy’s solar sharing scheme?

As a brand new initiative for the Australian market, Simply Energy brought together three like-minded organisations to deliver their solar sharing scheme. The scheme has helped benefit both a large commercial partner wanting to promote its sustainability credentials whilst also directly impacting Hunter Douglas employees with the opportunity to save on their electricity bills and source energy from a renewable resource, almost from their own backyard.

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* Simply Energy has since rebranded to ENGIE 


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