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EV Charging stations will drive uptake of EVs in Australia, and this is how …

EV Charging for the future


For most EV users, 80–90 per cent of charging their vehicle happens at home. This is a great solution, as owners choose when to charge their vehicles – often overnight, when power is traditionally cheaper after 11pm, or for those with solar panels, charging during the day makes the most of the renewable power being generated.

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But for most people it’s the freedom and independence of owning a car that’s most appealing, and it seems that EV uptake in Australia has been slower than other countries due to the lack of destination charging options around the country. ENGIE is partnering with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to drive green mobility in Australia by building 100 electric vehicle charging stations across the country. Sounds impressive, right? But what does it mean, and how will it affect owners of electric vehicles (EVs)?

By building fast charging stations and developing a network of destination charging sites across regions where over 80% of car journeys take place, these charging stations will support the existing EV community, and makes the uptake of electric vehicles more appealing to a wider audience. It means that over the next 12 months, we’ll start to see charging stations in any place you can park your car … office buildings, shopping centres, rest stops, service stations, and in small towns. With this infrastructure, along with the cost of electric vehicles coming down, we’re sure to see more consumers looking to choose EVs, which in turn will do a great job of reducing CO2 emissions. 

ENGIE is excited to be part of the future of energy – find out more about how we’re supporting a zero-carbon future here


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