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How to save energy when you’re not at home

A guide to using less energy in your home


How to save energy when you’re not at home

Heading out for the day? Staying somewhere for a long-weekend? Or maybe you’re jetting off for a longer break? You might think that the house can take care of itself, but before you leave, it’s worth remembering that your house can be extra energy efficient when you’re away. Here’s a simple guide to using less energy in your home while you’re not there.

Hit the power switch before you head out

A simple one that you might already have in mind. But it’s important to remember to be ruthless – microwaves, TVs and washing machines can all be guzzling energy when left on standby mode. So, make sure you turn off those power points before you leave.

Standby power could cost you well over $100 per year*, so it’s well worth trying to make some savings at a time when you won’t be around to even use the appliances!

For further reading, see our blog on standby power for more information.

Want to really power down your home?

If you’re going away for a while, it's worth considering powering down even further. Try turning off your hot water system, especially if you have one set on a timer – there’s no need to have it running when you’re not around.

How about your fridge? You can reduce wastage and potentially reduce your bills by clearing it out before you leave and switching that off too.

Smarten up with the help of a smart plug

We all forget things when rushing out the door. Hopefully it’s your thongs and not your wallet, but if you do the unthinkable and leave the aircon or other appliances on, you can turn them off when you have a smart plug.

These devices are not only great for staying on top of your energy usage when you’re at home but can also be used remotely - giving you peace of mind and the potential to save.

Educate your guests with some energy saving tips

If you’ve got people house-sitting or sub-letting, it’s a great idea to make sure they are on board with your energy saving efforts. Encourage them to use certain appliances during certain times – this can be especially important if you use solar energy. Tell them about the appliances that use the most electricity in your home and encourage them to switch off as you would.

Next time you’re out and about, remember to power down as much as you can. It’s not only sustainable but it could help you save when it comes to your bill.



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