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How to keep your small business energy costs down

A list of tips, tricks and things to look out for


It’s no that running a small business has been tough over the past few years. It’s taken plenty of hard work and days to get to this point and we want to help you to keep the lights on – without costing you too much.

With sales to make and customers to create, worrying about the costs and efficiencies of your energy consumption might not be on the top of your priorities.

With that in mind, below is a list of tips and things to look out for; ways in which you might be using too much energy, or perhaps even wasting it without realising!

And if you’re not a customer of ours but you’re interested in simplifying your business energy plan, get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to answer any questions.

Simply fill out the form on our Home Business or Small Business homepages to arrange a call back, call us directly on 1800 942 068 or chat to us online.

Get some smart tech for your business

Timers and motion sensors can help by switching off power to lights and other appliances when they’re not in use – that way you don’t have to rely too much on customers or staff switching them off.

Switch to energy saving light bulbs

Lighting is one of the easiest upgrades you can make to be more energy conscious. Switch to lower wattage globes where possible and ensure that you’re using ones that are energy efficient.

Check the energy rating labels on your appliances

Appliances in kitchens and communal areas all need to be checked to make sure they have the best possible rating. The more stars, the more efficient they’ll be, and the more money you’ll save to put back into your business.

Power down your equipment

If you’re in an office environment, make sure everyone gets into the habit of shutting down their computers and office equipment. Too much tech on standby could make your bills go sky high, so it’s great practice to get employees to unplug before they leave.

We know how important quality of service is to your small business, so here’s some tips for different kinds of enterprises on saving energy without compromising.

Hospitality – Review your refrigerator energy consumption

Fridges will be taking up a lot of your energy, so these two points are key.

Keep an eye on your stock levels and see whether you can consolidate, allowing you to keep fewer units running.

Remember to check those seals, lots of use can wear them out and they need to be keeping that cool air in and not zapping your power.

Office – Ditch the desktop computers

Give everyone a laptop instead. Because of the battery, they don’t require to be plugged in all day long. It’s a long-term cost saving measure – but if you must rely on desktops, remind your staff to shut down overnight.

Become a carbon neutral business

Sign up to one of our carbon neutral business energy plans and we’ll offset carbon emissions from your energy usage. It’s not an option, add-on or app you’ll need to activate. That’s good for your business; great for the planet!

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