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Getting the most out our of your solar panels


Has your lifestyle changed?

Sometimes lifestyle changes can mean spending more time at home, and this can impact how your solar performs. When you’re at home more, it’s likely that you’re consuming more of the energy generated by solar, which means you’re exporting less.

What is above?

Can you view your solar panels safely from the ground? If your panels look dirty, or you can see dust, grime, or even bird droppings or tree sap, this can impact your solar panels’ performance. Consider contacting a panel cleaning service.

Is there too much shade?

Shade can dramatically impact the effectiveness of your panels. Perhaps your property has been thrown into shade by a recent neighbourhood development. Or, if a tree has outgrown its welcome, consider calling an arborist to trim the tree and get your panels producing again.

What colour is the inverter light?

Simply checking the inverter light during the day will give insight into how your panels are performing. A solid green light means the inverter is in its normal operating status. A flashing green light the inverter is in its initialising phase which is a normal status in low light.  An orange or red light warrant  further investigation, as this indicates the inverter is not in a normal operating state. Check for an error message on the inverter display panel and refer to the user manual or visit the inverter manufacturer’s website.

How much should they be producing anyway?

Not convinced your solar panels are generating as much energy as they should? Refer to your owner’s manual, which should display the estimated production for each month of the year. Then compare this with your actual output readings.

If all else fails

System out of warranty, or your installer/inverter manufacturer no longer in business? You can call a reputable local solar installer such as a member of the Clean Energy Council.

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