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Supercharge your solar panels with a home solar battery system

Benefits of battery systems


Across Australia, millions of households are enjoying the benefits of solar panels. Solar panels can help reduce your impact on the environment and could help you save on your power bills. You can further enhance these benefits by installing a home battery storage system to support your solar panels. 

What is a solar home battery storage system?

Home battery systems enable solar households connected to the grid to store the renewable energy their solar PV panels generate in a battery.

5 benefits of a home battery system

1. Maximise the consumption of your solar power 
A home battery system allows you to store and control your excess power. You can then use the energy later, such as in the evening or on cloudy days when your panels are not producing energy, reducing your reliance on the electricity grid. 

2. Reduce your carbon footprint 
When a battery is installed at your property, it can help you further reduce your impact on the environment by allowing you to use more of the renewable solar power you make. 

3. Provide backup during a power outage
At times, electricity from the grid is unstable. Many home battery systems can provide you with stable power in times of brown-outs (temporary drops in voltage in an electrical power supply) or blackouts. 

4. The opportunity to earn bill credits by joining our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) 
If you live in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia or Queensland, installing an eligible battery gives you the opportunity to join the ENGIE Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Being part of the VPP can help you get more from your solar system and battery. You’ll be entitled to up to $580 in bill credits over two years, which may help you save money on your energy usage.  

5. Government battery rebates or interest-free loans
Depending on the state you live in, you may be eligible for government battery rebates or interest-free loans, which can help manage the upfront cost of purchasing a battery. To find out more about these rebates follow the link for your state: 

So, if you’re considering adding a battery to your solar panels, it’s worth remembering there are several benefits, including joining the ENGIE VPP, that could help you save on your energy costs.  

Learn more about the ENGIE virtual power plant (VPP) program

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