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EV charging - powered by ENGIE.

ENGIE is accelerating the transition towards low carbon transport – you might have even seen our electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at your local shopping centre if you live in NSW, Vic, Queensland or South Australia metro areas.

Our EV Vision

To provide EV charging stations accessible to everyone, everywhere, whether you're charging at work or shopping for groceries. 

How we plan to achieve this

By expanding the charging network and reducing blackspots (areas that do not have convenient access to public fast-charging stations), we can minimise barriers to uptake and support the growing number of Australian businesses and individuals that want to purchase an EV. 

EV Charging at home

As an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) owner, you could help reduce your running costs with ENGIE’s Electric Vehicle Energy Plan, featuring a high Feed-in Tariff and super off-peak discount. 

EV Charging for your business

We can install EV charging stations at your business for your corporate fleets and company cars. Furthermore, as mass EV uptake is expedited, your business can offer rapid charging to your customers, making you the go-to choice for people wanting to reduce the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions.  

Public EV Charging

For Australians to transition to electric vehicles, recharging facilities must be easily accessible, cost-effective and fast.  ENGIE is aiming to be operating 300 charging points across Australia by 2024.  About 1,000 charge points are scheduled to be installed by 2025, meaning the ENGIE public rapid charger network will be accessible within 10km for around 80% of the Australian population, and our fleet network will be helping business and government to accelerate their decarbonisation goals.