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ENGIE Extras

For everyone who wants a little extra from their energy plan.

We're excited about our name change to ENGIE. To celebrate, we have launched ENGIE Extras. With ENGIE Extras, you can choose if you want a little extra or not.

Add an ENGIE Extra to the great rates you’re already on.

If you choose to add an ENGIE Extra to your current energy plan, your great rates don’t change. Your ENGIE Extras will be an added feature to your current energy plan.

Choose what’s most important to you.

ENGIE Extras will let you pick and choose what extra benefits are important to you.

GreenPower is now available

Our ENGIE Extras are here! For an extra $1 per week, add GreenPower to your plan. 100% of the electricity you use will be matched with approved GreenPower generation from accredited renewable electricity sources which is fed into the energy grid.