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Billing cycles

These commonly asked questions explain how often you’ll get a gas or electricity bill, how to make changes to your bill frequency, and why you might get an estimated bill. 

How often is my meter read?


How often your electricity meter is read depends on the meter type at your property:  

Basic meter (analogue)

Basic and manually-read digital meters are read every three months unless there is an issue accessing the meter.  

Smart meter

Smart meters send usage data directly to us daily, allowing us to bill you monthly or at least every 30 days.  

Learn more about the benefits of smart meters on our blog.  


Generally, gas meters are read every three months (quarterly) or at least once every 12 months. If you’re in Victoria, your gas meter is read bi-monthly. 

Can I change my billing cycle?

If your meter type allows it, you can change your electricity billing cycle from quarterly to monthly. However, gas billing cycles can only be changed if you have a Smart or digital gas meter allowing regular readings. 

Why was my bill estimated?

An estimated bill is when we predict the amount of power you would have used based on your past usage. Check the ‘Meter Read Type’ section on page two of your bill to see if your bill has been estimated.

You may receive an estimated bill if your distributor cannot reach your meter to read it due to a locked gate or blocked access.  

Your next meter read date will be shown on your latest bill. Please make sure there is safe and clear access to your meter on this date. If meter access is a problem, let us know so we can update our records or arrange a special meter read.

Once we get an actual meter read from your distributor, we will check it against your previous payments. If we have charged you the wrong amount, we will either include an adjustment on your next bill or send you a replacement bill.  

Self meter read 

If you have a Basic meter, we may be able to accept a meter read from you. Self-meter reads must be submitted before the issue date of your next bill.

  • Self meter reads don't apply to Smart meters customers, as the data is sent to us daily.
  • Self meter reads depend on your meter type and other criteria.  

Learn how to read your meter.

Submit your self meter read:



Learn more about smart meters

For smart meters we receive data direct from your meter each day. This means you will be billed monthly – at least once every 30 days. 

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